Like our tagline says: High Tech Sector — It’s all we do!

At High Tech Genesis, we are focused on providing engineering services specifically to the high-tech sector. As a trusted partner, we augment teams to reduce your time to market. In addition to this we also provide engineering employment services.

  • We have more than 12 years of experience in the industry.
  • We understand high-tech product creation:
    • General Availability (GA) release dates
    • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
    • Alpha/Beta Testing
    • Shareholder accountability

Our vision is to forge strong partnerships with our customers, collaborating to develop ground-breaking, highly technical products  that have the power to reshape the world.

 Roles we routinely provide:

  • Software Developers & Engineers – all languages including embedded
  • Software Test Engineers – All test types
  • Software Management – Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Software Development Managers, Software QA Managers etc.
  • Hardware Engineers – Design, Build, Fix, FPGA, ASIC, NetIC
  • Operational – including DevOps, DevSecOps, Network Engineers, Tech Support, Lab Support, Security Analysts, Tech Writers 

 How we offer them:

  • Consulting Engineering Services — We provide our engineers to augment your team. This allows you to grow in a controlled fashion preventing the need for significant layoffs if you grow too fast.
  • Payrolling — We get it, you got a “guy”, but you can’t hire him. Let us do it for you.
  • Term to Perm — We provide you with our engineer giving you a reduced risk of hiring the wrong person. This also provides the employee an opportunity to demonstrate their work and work ethics, their cultural fit, and when you hire them, they’re trained to your specs.
  • Permanent Referral Services — We have over 50K qualified engineers in our database. We’ll find you your next SUPERSTAR employee!

…Our mission is to understand our client’s needs and provide them with the optimum resources to complete their roadmap on time and on budget.

Current and previous projects

  • Cisco:Collaborating with Cisco, our team devoted substantial resources to seamlessly integrate Azure and Cisco data center technologies within a cloud environment. Our joint efforts focused on streamlining connectivity, optimizing network performance, and enabling scalable application and service deployment. This partnership laid the foundation for a cohesive and agile cloud infrastructure, empowering enterprises to fully leverage Azure and Cisco’s cutting-edge technologies.
  • Ciena:In the early stages of OpenStack, our team collaborated  with Ciena, providing valuable resources for a proof-of-concept integration between Ciena’s Blue Planet and OpenStack. Beyond conceptualization, we assisted Ciena in developing high-speed packet pushing devices that set new benchmarks for global connectivity. Our team contributed to groundbreaking advancements in cloud technology and network performance, driving the evolution of digital connectivity.
  • March Networks
    Our dedicated resources bolstered March Networks’ Intelligent online video surveillance products, contributing to a safer world. Our focus was on strengthening their product offerings, enabling intelligent monitoring, and facilitating proactive security measures. Our shared commitment aimed to make the world more secure, ensuring reliable and effective surveillance systems for businesses, organizations, and communities.
  • Wind River: Our resources worked together with Wind River in developing Wind River Cloud Studio. This transformative project aimed to equip Wind River with the necessary support and expertise to bring the solution to life. Throughout the project, our focus was on optimizing the performance, scalability, and efficiency of Wind River Cloud Studio, enabling them to deliver a cutting-edge solution to their clients.
  • Sciemetric
    Our team proudly contributed essential resources to support Sciemetric in developing and testing Sciemetric EDGE. Together, we navigated the intricacies of development and testing, striving to deliver a superior solution that meets the highest industry standards. Our commitment to this project highlighted our dedication to fostering technological advancements and supporting Sciemetric’s vision of providing innovative solutions in their field.


These are just a few examples
of the numerous organizations
we volunteer our time to support.